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Extricant helps marketing and communications professionals within the IT, telecommunication, and high technology industries with a proven knowledge of both technical and business issues and a wide range of practices geared toward content production for online/offline traditional campaigns and Web 2.0 projects such as social network presence, corporate generated content, viral communication.

A unique competency mix allows Extricant to answer your outsourcing needs in the design and the production of marcom materials such as:

including the whole process of translating, localizing, integrating and customizing any material provided by worldwide offices. A few examples of actual engagements highlights our diverse range of capabilities:

  • Example A:
  • A leading international software vendor, Company A relied upon Extricant to in produce its communications kit for the launch of its Italian subsidiary. The project included the selection, localization, and customization of original material produced by the client. Extricant is now regularly producing contents in partnership with the international agency in charge of Company A communications in the EMEA region.
  • Example B:
  • PR agency B has just acquired a major account in the ICT industry. Apart from localizing the material published by the US corporate offices, Extricant helps the agency accounts to come to terms with the most arcane technical subleties of the client's product range, thus enhancing their ability to speak the customer's language and to better position their marcom initiatives.
  • Example C:
  • Company C is a leading provider of IT equipment. Its marketing department is also responsible of the public relation activities, and has therefore tasked Extricant to produce press releases, case stories and editorial content based on the technical product sheets written by its engineering department. Extricant "mediates" the particular needs of both departments - technical and marketing - to create a diverse range of material in line with the requirements of the company communications strategy.

Our domain knowledge covers key technological areas, including:

In order to leverage the knowledge of our clients, ensure the utmost confidentiality, and shorten turnaround times, Extricant relies exclusively on its proved in-house staff. Combining professional skills with a stimulating and friendly workplace, helpful proprietary tools, and a highly reliable and secure IT infrastructure, Extricant expresses its creativity, passion and experience in every engagement. On wide-ranging projects calling for cross-competency partnerships, Extricant may suggest the involvement of selected third parties of proven ability, reliability and professionalism.

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